Friday, April 11, 2014

Good 3D Animation Reel

Karen Isaacs
Karen Isaacs reel

3D Animation Reel 2014 from Karen Isaacs on Vimeo.

I presented an animation reel from a top DreamWorks pro the other day, and just to show that I'm not a corporate elitist (but, more importantly, because this is a good reel), I am going to go the other route with this by giving an unknown animator (at least to me) a chance for exposure. I like this artist's clean style.

The reel was done, the animator says, on Autodesk Maya software. That is pretty good software that has only been out for about six months. This shows what you can do these days with off-the-shelf software. Don't kid yourself - this is professional-quality software, and quite a pricey subscription. I'll let you judge whether the reel is professional quality animation.

The artist is Karen Isaacs, and she seems to have some skillz. If you really like this, you can track her down here or  here.

Will she remember the people who helped her on the way up when she's running DreamWorks? Pshaw.

Karen Isaacs
Karen Isaacs


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