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Disney Infinity - Animated Video Game out Summer 2013

Disney Infinity - Exciting Game Pushes the Animation Boundaries

Disney Infinity

Walt Disney is expanding its animation's reach this summer with a new video game, "Disney Infinity."

Disney Infinity

The starter pack consists of characters from "The Incredibles," "Monsters, Inc." and  "Pirates of the Carribean," with later "available-separately" packs to be revealed. "Marvel" and "Star Wars" characters are confirmed to be appearing in this game at some point.  "Disney Infinity" has similarities to the Activision published "Skylanders" games: players take real, physical toys and place them on a sensor (in Disney terminology, the "Infinity Base"). The character selected then appears, playable, on screen. "Power discs" enable special powers for the character: to activate them, you stack the disc underneath the character on the Infinity Base. Every character has basic abilities - all characters have slightly different powers - that the power discs add upon.

"Disney Infinity" isn't so much a game as a gaming platform. By having the base able to read characters, the number of possible game heroes is limitless. You control characters from, say, "Toy Story" and have them battle against one of the monsters from "Frankenweenie." The characters are able to fly, drive, run, and jump as they shoot ray-guns and use grappling hooks, or drive miniature tanks.

Disney Infinity's due for a June 2013 release on Wii, WiiU, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, PC and mobile platforms. Here is the official Disney/Pixar Infinity press release. is preparing the game for Disney.

Disney Infinity

Rumored/Spotted Worlds:

Phineas and Ferb
Nightmare Before Christmas
Toy Story
Walt Disney World Resort
Lilo and Stitch
Rumored/Spotted Power Discs:
Finding Nemo
Alice In Wonderland

Disney Infinity


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