Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An 8-Bit Style Music Video from Mr. Downstairs

Mr. Downstairs

For a change of pace from all the NASA and Disney animation I've been posting recently, below is a funky animated music video from Mr. Downstairs, a Disney Channel kind of band led by Dani Artaud. It is kind of a techno club style that I suppose also could be called a trance or trap sound (if none of that makes any sense to you, the video below probably won't, either). Dani also performs (apparently) under the name Snowblood and had a song with Mystery Skulls called 'Hellbent' in a Zac Efron movie trailer that she was all excited about. So, the girl has got something going on, and good for her.

Mr. Downstairs
Dani Artaud.
Dani is of Cuban descent and is a proud Gemini. She has a tumblr that she never updates and a Twitter that she does spend time on. You can also catch her on Facebook, of course. Everyone is on Facebook these days.

Mr. Downstairs

Below is a retro video they did in the 8-bit “Nyan Cat” style to the Mr. Downstairs tune Stranger, Danger (Fast Company Remix). It's not cutting edge animation, but how often are you going to see dolphins playing guitar, anyway?

Mr. Downstairs

The whole animated music video thing is completely the thing these days, as these cool cats show.

Anyway, if you are into the club scene, you may hear of Dani at some point. I know, you're probably not into that, and you're like, 'Dani who?'. But, this is what is happening, and that's always good to know, the world is turning and we turn with it.

Mr. Downstairs

And if you did watch the video, you got to see dolphins playing guitar, so you got that going for you. If you want to impress someone around the age of 14, tell them you are all about Mr. Downstairs. They'll either give you a blank stare or consider you the coolest cat in town.

Mr. Downstairs
Dani and Asia Whiteacre of Mr. Downstairs.
Below are a couple of other minimalist videos of theirs, 'Superhero Heart,' if you liked the first one.


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