Thursday, October 22, 2015

Watch A Star Entering A Black Hole

star black hole NASA
Black Hole.
Watch A Star Entering A Black Hole.

NASA is more into animation these days than it is into manned space flight. If it weren't for the ISS, that would be pretty much all NASA does in that regard - animation.

Fortunately, the animators are not earthbound. Here is a clever animation of a star being drawn into the gravity of a black hole. First, intense tidal forces rip the star apart, flinging stellar debris outward at high speed. Then, the greatest mass of the star descends towards the black hole, causing a flare.

These types of videos kind of lose their impact due to the scale of our screens. Seeing some little thing gobble up some other little thing is not inherently impressive. However, for those into these things like me, just imagine the sun that you see overhead on clear summer days somehow coming afoul of one of these things. That stable star that keeps the entire solar system alive would get ripped apart like the one in this video. And it wouldn't take too long, either.

Source: Nasa Goddard.


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