Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fishing Train

Fishing Train
"Fishing Train."
"Fishing Train" animated short.

Fishing Train from Fishing Train on Vimeo.

"Fishing Train" is a cool little animation from Kevin Phou and the folks at Supamonks.

"Two mercenaries go on a very special fishing trip."

Very colorful, a fun ride.

Fishing Train

The others involved:

Vincent Gibaud : Concept Art, Background Design, Story Board , Layout, Animatique
Alizée Laffitau : Animation 2D/Fx, Chara-Design, Layout Animation
Maimiti Chave : Compositing, Concept Art
Luca Strano : Modélisation 3D
Camille Gomes : Chara-Design
Alexandre Monge : Animation 2D/3D
Maxime Gridelet : Animation2D/Fx
Yann Leroy : Compositing
Musique :
Benjamin Gex-Fabry

Fishing Train


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