Saturday, March 1, 2014

Legends of Lordran: Mega Man Edition fan video

I don't know much about this project or these games - sorry - but I found this animation short interesting just because it is so different. I may not be a fan, but that doesn't mean some of you aren't. I am trying to support some independent artists out there. If this post brings this to your attention and it piques anyone's interest out there, I've done my job.

Anyway, this is a creative display of animation and its different uses. "Legends of Lordran: Mega Man Edition" is a creative use of animation by YouTube channel TerraMantis which combines two games into one video. I think fans of the two games will find this more entertaining than a general audience.

Apparently, this is a mashup of games that have nothing to do with each other and are completely different. One is science-fiction, the other fantasy; one uses guns, the other uses swords and melee weapons; one is in 2D, the other is in 3D; and so on and so forth. The creators of this melded them together.

From the video "About" page:
"TerraMantis' Legends of Lordran series is over and it has all led to this moment. If you've ever asked me to do lore videos on additional characters and wonder why I was so adamant about the series containing 9 episodes, this is why. I've had this Mega Man-Dark Souls crossover idea planned for over 6 months now. I hope you enjoy it. 
Produced, Illustrations and background animations by Steve Bednarz (TerraMantis) 
Character Animations and Character Concepts by Mitch Taylor (FbManFA)"


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