Monday, August 4, 2014

Ebola Virus Animation

Ebola Epidemic "Out of Control"

Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus Animation. This is an animation from TomoNews US - the same outfit as the infamous "Taiwanese Animators" - which is quite educational.

Doctors Without Borders says that the Ebola Virus epidemic is out of control in West Africa. If it's out of control there - anyone who thinks it's not coming here is kidding themselves.

If you had any questions about the Ebola Virus, this animation should answer them. Seeing as how some guy in New York City had it (after, you guessed it, visiting West Africa), learning more about the Ebola Virus could become quite fashionable.

As the video shows, they are actually shutting down borders in Africa to try to contain it. No, that never works. Didn't they make a Bruce Willis move about something like that? Or was that a Stephen King miniseries, I forget. Hey, I hope I don't have Ebola Virus!

This is no joking matter, people are dying from this thing.

Supposedly, the Ebola Virus works by hitching a ride on Immune cells (sound familiar?) and then causing internal bleeding by causing an intensified Immune Response that breaks down blood vessel walls. Then, basically, you bleed to death without any blood showing as the blood cells in your gut start to dissolve. Nice.

Interesting animation.


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