Saturday, August 16, 2014

Music Video "Yelling in Sleep" by Rich Aucoin

Rich Aucoin Yelling in Sleep
Rich Aucoin's Yelling in Sleep.
Music Video "Yelling in Sleep" by Rich Aucoin.

Rich Aucoin's video for Yelling in Sleep. This is a fun animated music video. Joel MacKenzie provides a lively animation to Aucoin's electronic banging. It has an obvious video game thing going on throughout, though it's obviously not a video game.

People will hate me for saying this, but I think he sounds like John Lennon with all the distortion.

A new record drops on 9 September 2014.

Rich Aucoin Yelling in Sleep

From the youtube page:

Written/ Directed/ Produced
Joel Mackenzie []

Grahaeme Cowie
Morgane Billault
Matthew Shepherd
Tony Mitchell
Murray Bain

Background Artist:
Tony Mitchell

Storyboards/ Character Design:
Joel Mackenzie

Murray Bain
James Dalziel


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