Monday, August 18, 2014

"The Nether Regions" Quirky Animated Short

The Nether Regions
"You talkin' to me?"
"The Nether Regions" Quirky Animated Short.

The Nether Regions from WÖNKY Films on Vimeo.

And here in "The Nether Regions" we learn that even Satan is bedeviled by those pesky accountants!

And it turns out that he looks like Gumby - sort of.

Satan sure is a wordy devil.

This actually is a devastating parody on what companies have to go through these days. It's quite inventive and also a riot if you enjoy arch humor.

Every CEO of a fortune 500 firm should watch this before going into their next earnings call.

Definitely worth the three minutes!

The Nether Regions

From the page: /
Welcome to the Nether Regions; or by its official title "Hell - The Nether Regional Branch."
Wielding untold power at the helm of a vast and mighty realm may sound glamorous but no one tells you about the sleepless nights and the unrelenting stress, but that’s what the Devil must deal with on an eternal basis. Even in Hell, there’s no escape from bureaucracy but occasionally he does manage to slip away. With the most magical healing hands in all the nine circles of Hell and a sympathetic ear, it is Sven’s Massage Parlour to which the Devil makes his first port of call.
Now also available "The Nether Regions" App - - Test your skills at massaging the devil...
Nominated Best Short RTS South of England 2014
OFAFA Poland – March 2013 Golden Kuker, Sofia Bulgaria – May 2013
Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK – June 2013
Euganea Film Festival, Italy – July 2013
Encounters Film Festival, UK – September 2013
Bristol Festival of Puppetry UK – Sept 2013
Se-Ma-For Film Festival, Poland – October 2013
Montreal Stopmotion Films Festival – October 2013
Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK – November 2013
Leeds International Film Festival – November 2013
London Lift-Off Film Festival – Nov 2013
Animated Exeter - Feb 2014


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