Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Team Syachihoko's "Yoroshiku Jinrui" animated music video

Team Syachihoko
Team Syachihoko.
Team Syachihoko's "Yoroshiku Jinrui" animated music video.

It's always fun to keep track of what the Japanese are doing with their anime. This is an animated music video from one of the girl groups that are in vogue in Asia right now, Team Syachihoko's "Yoroshiku Jinrui." The girls appear to be about 15 or so, though maybe that's just because of how they are dressed and act in a, well, girlish fashion.

It all has something to do with Japanese mythology, with the girls dressing up as the Seven Lucky Gods of Japanese folklore on an island that is shaped like Syachihoko. I won't say any more because I don't know a thing more about it, and I probably got that wrong, though it's all probably very obvious if you are Japanese.

The song itself has portions that have a very recognizable classical vibe, so it is not completely foreign to Western ears.

Team Syachihoko

There also is live-action footage of the girls dressing up and looking like they are attending a birthday party or something that includes signing autographs for fans. Or maybe they just wear funny birthday parts as part of their gig.

Anyway, the whole thing seems like a take-off on the Spice Girls and some of the other British girl groups that followed them, but with a completely Japanese vibe. The animation is simple but bright and bouncy throughout, reminiscent of a video game (as is, to be truthful, the music, though it probably sounds profound if you are about 15 yourself).

Worth a look, it's a fun little animation even if (like me) you don't understand a word of the song itself.


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