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running ageing

RUNNING from Konstantin Gdalevich on Vimeo.

The animated video "Running" is about running and life. This is kind of a freaky video that won't be right for everybody, but if you have a philosophical air about you, then it might hit the spot. It's fun and colorful and at only 2:26 in length tries to say something important in a whimsical way.

Explanations are kind of pointless about this video, watch it and see for yourself if it says anything to you. It is in a video game format, which in and of itself adds a layer of meaning if you go there and, may I say, was an excellent choice.

It's about running. And aging. It definitely requires a bit of thought, so if you like to read into videos and figure out what is really being said, you may particularly enjoy this video even if it is quite simple and straightforward in a plot sense. Maybe it will make you think. It should. Well, hopefully, it should.

Oh, and this is a final film by a student, Konstantin Gdalevich. We've presented graduation films on here before, and they generally are stellar. Before you turn up your noses at student films, remember that this may be the best animation this guy ever does unless he secures a good job in the field, and it follows years of study which prepared him to make this just for you using the best software and other resources available at school, software he may never be able to afford again while he retains this level of ability (yes, I'm making a boatload of assumptions, but that's the cold reality).

Graduation films thus are among the best you'll ever see, just as the graduation symphonies from legendary composers are among the best classical music you'll ever hear (even if you don't realize that is exactly what they were at the time).

running ageing

From the site:
This is my graduation film from Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T.) department of visual communications.
Animation talks about fear of getting old.
Created by Konstantin Gdalevich
Original soundtrack by Pakotec Productions
Special thanks to Victoria Sorokin, Pavel Vilensky and Aya Amikam.
H.I.T. 2014


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