Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Amsterdam" Stop Motion Music Video

Amsterdam Gregory Alan Isakov

"Amsterdam" Stop Motion Music Video.

Colorado singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov decided that he wanted a music video for his song "Amsterdam," so he turned to Colorado artist Laura Goldhamer, who had some experience making them. She enlisted friends artist Brynn Ronning and photographer Michelle Christiance and they went to work at Isakov's farmhouse for a month and a half while he was away on tour.

Amsterdam Gregory Alan Isakov

This video is the result. It does a nice job of capturing the spirit of the song as a cardboard Isakov roams through the city of Amsterdam using his guitar as an oar to paddle along the canals.

We also get to see some background shots from the filming, which is interesting for those may be interested in doing something like this themselves.

Amsterdam Gregory Alan Isakov

From the youtube page:

Published on Oct 7, 2014
This video was filmed over the course of a month and a half, using stop-motion animation, dioramas, and live shadow puppetry. It is a continuation of director Laura Goldhamer's past techniques of mixing stop motion with live action; however, this time, the process was deeply collaborative and organic in nature, as the video was made at the farm that is home to the musician himself.

The music video for "Amsterdam" from the album The Weatherman by Gregory Alan Isakov
CD / LP:

Director: Laura Goldhamer (

In collaboration with...
Baylee West & Basil
Michelle Christiance (
Brynn Ronning (
Bonnie Paine (

Thanks to...
Gwen Lassen
Jackie Berry
Taylor Ross & Bean Dog
Tony Shawcross
Sarah Megyesy
Dan Ritchie
Jamie Mefford
Jason Bowen
Matt Tarpill


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