Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dia de Muertos animation

Dia de Muertos

Dia de Muertos animation.

Lotería • Día de Muertos from Filios on Vimeo.

This is the last of a series ('Lotería') of animations by animator Filios which focus on Mexican holidays. There were five animations in all, dealing with Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Native Month and the above Day of the Dead.

The animation style is unique and has a distinctive Mexican flair. They are all great fun and can be found on Filion's page. He describes himself as a "Motion Graphic designer in Mexico City, founder and art director at Voraz."

They are fun and quick - the "Day of the Dead" only runs 20 seconds - and well worth the time if you enjoy funky animation.

Dia de Muertos

From the page:

El último de la serie "Lotería"
The last of this series

Dia de Muertos



  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing our work.

    This was produced at Voraz, as you mentioned, and co-directed by Eduardo Altamirano "CGmodeler" (who was a key element) and myself.

    This was a really fun project!


    1. You are welcome. Really awesome work, great to see a different style of animation that reflects the culture. Thanks to everyone there for producing 'Lotería,'

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