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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Heat Stroke Animation from TED-Ed

heat stroke
Heat stroke is extremely dangerous

Eveybody talks about getting a heat stroke or sunstroke when they are outside during the summer. Once it happens, it is vital to take quick action, because the human body can only withstand a core body temperature above 40 degrees Celsius for half an hour before cell damage sets in.

Exertional heat stroke is one of the top three killers of soldiers and athletes in training. Classical heat stroke hits vulnerable people: the elderly, infants, and so forth. Liver failure, blood clot formation in the kidneys and other very serious problems can result.

Symptoms include: core temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, confused behavior, aggression, loss of consciousness.

As this helpful TED-Ed animated video explains, the first things to do if someone you know collapses from heat stroke are to

  1. Call for help
  2. Cool first, transport second
  3. Remove any protective athletic gear that may be retaining heat on the victim
  4. Immerse the victim in an ice bath or, if that is impossible, cool them down with cold water and soaked towels. 

heat stroke

This is practical knowledge, not something esoteric and difficult to decipher. Acting fast can make the difference between a heat stroke victim recovering completely and quickly, or suffering permanent damage.

From the youtube page:
Have you ever suffered from exertional heat stroke? This condition is caused by intense activity in the heat and is one of the top three killers of athletes and soldiers in training. Douglas J. Casa explains heat stroke's tremendous effects on the human body and details an action plan in case it ever happens to someone you know. 
Lesson by Douglas J. Casa, animation by Cinematic.
Narration is by Michelle Snow.

Animal Embryo Development Animation

embryo development
This is a fruit fly embryo. The top is the dorsal view (looking down on it), the bottom is the ventral view (looking up from beneath). Each circle is one cell of the embryo. The little lines extending from each cell, or tails, show where the cell is headed. 

This animation tracks individual cells in an animal as it grows. The little dots that you see in the animation are individual cells.

The more they know about how cells develop and move around into position within the animal, the more understanding it will give them of a cure if something goes wrong. This is particularly true for development of the nervous system.

embryo development
This is a zebrafish embryo evolving

Developing animal cells are shaped according to their ultimate function and location. A group of nervous system cells may develop in a particular spot, for instance, and then move into an elongated pattern to form, say, the spinal cord.

It requires high-speed fluorescent microscopy to follow the movement of cells from their origin to their ultimate destination. By taking pictures at the shortest possible intervals, the scientists can track their movement over time.

This also helps to show if the individual cells divided and, if so, where.

embryo development
This shows a zebrafish embryo that has formed

The whole development process takes time. A mouse, for instance, will start developing nervous system cells and then they will move around for a week, like a football team moving from the huddle to the line of scrimmage. Then, at a certain point, it snaps into action. This takes different lengths of time in different organisms. It would take a day in a fruit fly, much longer in a human being.

Fracking Explained in this Animation


This is an informative video which explains how fracking works.

Fracking is the extraction of oil and gas from shale oil deposits in tar sands. There are many environmental questions about fracking, and this video does not address them. It is simply intended as a primer on what fracking is and how it works.

This animation does come from an oil company - Marathon Oil - so take it in that spirit. Fracking is taking place and has only grown in use over the past decade, and there is no sign that it is going away any time soon.

Fracking has been around for decades and only recently has become controversial because of its massive increase in use due to higher oil prices. It involves horizontal drilling and explosive charges fired off deep underground. Water, chemicals and sand are pumped down the pipe and out through holes in the pipe, creating fractures in the ground that allows the trapped oil and gas to flow to the pipe and be extracted. This continues along the entire horizontal pipe, which can extend for several miles. Each well can last literally for decades.

While it has disrupted the environment in many locales, fracking has positives (many positives) in that it creates jobs and has turned the United States into the largest supplier of oil and gas in the world. That has helped the US balance of payments and economy and has kept a lid on oil and gas prices for consumers. There is continuing huge demand for oil and gas, and regardless of advances in solar and other renewable and sustainable energy sources, that demand is not going away any time soon. So, it is useful to at least understand the fracking process, because it is a factor in everyone's life.

The animation is intended as a primer for novices to the industry, but it does get into some interesting little-known aspects of fracking, such as the impact of bacteria on the process. Bacteria that lives off of hydrocarbons are a bane of the drilling industry. If the bacteria builds up enough, they can impede the flow of oil and / or gas. The bacteria also cause oil to become viscous and acidic.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Hot in Cleveland: "The Animated Episode"

LeBron Makes it Hot in Cleveland

LeBron James Hot in Cleveland animated episode
LeBron James in "Hot in Cleveland: The Animated Episode"

"Hot in Cleveland" on TV Land is partnering with animation studio Titmouse Inc. for an animated episode, to premiere July 30, 2014.

The series is in its fifth season (sixth season already ordered) and gets its fair share of top names to guest star. This episode will feature Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, who guides the series regulars (Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli), Joy (Jane Leeves) and Victoria (Wendie Malick), who are all finally visiting Elka's (Betty White) apartment) on a trip across several film classics: "Frankenstein," "The Walking Dead" and "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."

This sneak peek clip features an animated LeBron James, the NBA player who recently signed a contract to play in Cleveland. You didn't think they were going to let that pass them by, did you?

Even if the animation is in the usual clunky tv style, the episode looks promising.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

NBC Animation of Missile Strike on Malaysian Jet MH17

Malaysian airliner MH17

This is an official NBC/Sky News video of the Malaysian jet airline missile strike, including interviews from experts. It has some good animation of the flight and missile systems. It is a news summary of the catastrophe and provides a good background, including wreckage photos, on the basic facts in form of a news report.

The animation of the BUK missile launcher is interesting. This was not some wacko out on the range with a shoulder-fired grenade launcher. To get a missile that high requires highly sophisticated equipment.

This is a good example of the use of animation in news reports - they get these out quick, somebody in the animation department must always be present or on call and know what they are doing.

Malaysian airliner MH17
Malaysian plane shot down

Below is an animation showing other facts, such as the nationalities of the passengers and the plane's route.


running ageing

RUNNING from Konstantin Gdalevich on Vimeo.

This is kind of a freaky video that won't be right for everybody, but if you have a philosophical air about you, then it might hit the spot. It's fun and colorful and in 2:26 tries to say something important in a whimsical way.

Explanations are kind of pointless about this video, watch it and see for yourself if it says anything to you. It is in a video game format, which in and of itself adds a layer of meaning if you go there and, may I say, was an excellent choice.

It's about running. And ageing. It definitely requires a bit of thought, so if you like to read into videos and figure out what is really being said, you may particularly enjoy this video even if it is quite simple and straightforward in a plot sense. Maybe it will make you think. It should. Well, hopefully it should.

Oh, and this is a final film by a student, Konstantin Gdalevich. We've presented graduation films on here before, and they generally are stellar. Before you turn up your noses at student films, remember that this may be the best animation this guy ever does unless he secures a good job in the field, and it follows years of study which prepared him to make this just for you using the best software and other resources available at school, software he may never be able to afford again while he retains this level of ability (yes, I'm making a boatload of assumptions, but that's the cold reality).

Graduation films thus are among the best you'll ever see, just as the graduation symphonies from legendary composers are among the best classical music you'll ever hear (even if you don't realize that is exactly what they were at the time).

running ageing

From the site:
This is my graduation film from Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T.) department of visual communications.
Animation talks about fear of getting old.
Created by Konstantin Gdalevich
Original soundtrack by Pakotec Productions
Special thanks to Victoria Sorokin, Pavel Vilensky and Aya Amikam.
H.I.T. 2014

Top Three World Cup Goals - Animated in Flip Book

STABILE best world cup 2014 goals

These folks, STABILO, specialize in creating animations using flip books.

No, I don't know where they came up with the idea either. It's wildly creative and actually works spectacularly well.

This includes the original audio from the goals, which, as any football fan knows, is half the fun of the whole experience and would be a crime to ignore.

STABILE best world cup 2014 goals

One of the best things about the World Cup is that it is one thing that the entire world can agree on and not really dispute - it is what it is. So, you get comments from folks in multiple languages that, once translated, are equal to what any of your buds would probably say as well.

♪♫  "It's a small small world..." ♫♪

Anyway, it's a quick, fun animation for anyone interested in either animation or the World Cup, which probably encompasses about half the world's population, so that's why we're bringing it to you.

STABILE best world cup 2014 goals

When you combine the World Cup with animation, you get the funky creative from around the world who you normally wouldn't ever know existed suddenly enthused enough to put down the beer cans, get off their keisters, and actually put something out there for all to see. And that, my friends, is how great things are accomplished.

And if you don't think folks around the world take this stuff seriously, then you must not have read about the suicides after Brazil got its clock cleaned by Germany.

From the youtube page:

The World Cup in Brazil was nothing short of a fantastic! Therefore we recreated the three greatest goals of the tournament as a flipbook. A big thank you to all teams that participated and of course STABILO would like to congratulate Germany with their victory in the finals as well.
Robin van Persie 1-1 Spanje - Nederland
James Rodriguez 1-0 Colombia - Uruguay
Tim Cahill 1-1 Australië - Nederland
STABILE best world cup 2014 goals
Congratulations to Germany!