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"Strange Alloy" - The Future, Buddhist Style

Strange Alloy
"Strange Alloy."
"Strange Alloy" (2015) is an odd short film that is both beautiful and philosophical. It was created in two months by director Loïc Bramoullé. It has great animation, but I just want to add - and I don't usually say this about shorts - but it has a great sound. Just because it is odd, incidentally, doesn't mean that I don't like it. I do.

"Strange Alloy" is just unusual.

Strange Alloy

The landscapes are from Myanmar. Bramoullé did the animation work back in his Paris studio.

Strange alloy - indy very short film from liok on Vimeo.

The script is about the future, but the conclusion is based on Buddhist philosophies. Now, just how often do you get to view a sci-fi animation with a Buddist slant? I didn't think so. And, before you find that too odd or alien to a bother with - it is not heavy-handed. It simply asks a question with an answer that is both obvious and indisputable.

Strange Alloy

The film also is odd because Bramoullé released a "making of" a film about "Strange Alloy" that is longer than the film itself. If you like animation, it is worth watching, but sometimes the mystery of animation is best left behind the scenes. Your call.

Strange alloy: making of from liok on Vimeo.

I like to give exposure to good animated works and their creators, especially if they are of fine quality but unlikely to reach a wide audience. I only post films that I think are worth your time. Hope you enjoyed it.

Original music by Thomas Barrandon (
Mix & sound design by Resonant Step (
Alien voice (sound design) by Morgan Hammel (
Creature design, sculpt, surfacing: Loïc Bramoullé
Rig: Vincent Donaz, Daniel Quintero
Animation: Vincent Donaz, Daniel Quintero, Benoit Vincent, Aurélie Vigneron
tracking, lighting, rendering: Rachad Meya, Loïc Bramoullé
Color grading, compositing: Vivien Ebran, Loïc Bramoullé
Matte paintings: Loïc bramoullé
Cloth simulation: Caroline Lobato
Particules & flares: Niels Prayer
Produced with the support of SupaRésidence ©

Strange Alloy


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