Saturday, July 19, 2014

Top Three World Cup Goals - Animated in Flip Book

STABILE best world cup 2014 goals

Top Three World Cup Goals of 2014 animated in flipBook. These folks, STABILO, specialize in creating animations using flipbooks.

No, I don't know where they came up with the idea either. It's wildly creative and actually works spectacularly well.

This includes the original audio from the goals, which, as any football fan knows, is half the fun of the whole experience and would be a crime to ignore.

STABILE best world cup 2014 goals

One of the best things about the World Cup is that it is one thing that the entire world can agree on and not really dispute - it is what it is. So, you get comments from folks in multiple languages that, once translated, are equal to what any of your buds would probably say as well.

♪♫  "It's a small small world..." ♫♪

Anyway, it's a quick, fun animation for anyone interested in either animation or the World Cup, which probably encompasses about half the world's population, so that's why we're bringing it to you.

STABILE best world cup 2014 goals

When you combine the World Cup with animation, you get the funky creative from around the world who you normally wouldn't even know existed suddenly enthused enough to put down the beer cans, get off their keisters, and actually put something out there for all to see. And that, my friends, is how great things are accomplished.

And if you don't think folks around the world take this stuff seriously, then you must not have read about the suicides after Brazil got its clock cleaned by Germany.

From the youtube page:

The World Cup in Brazil was nothing short of a fantastic! Therefore we recreated the three greatest goals of the tournament as a flipbook. A big thank you to all teams that participated and of course STABILO would like to congratulate Germany with their victory in the finals as well.
Robin van Persie 1-1 Spanje - Nederland
James Rodriguez 1-0 Colombia - Uruguay
Tim Cahill 1-1 Australië - Nederland
STABILE best world cup 2014 goals
Congratulations to Germany, 2014 World Cup Winner!


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