Friday, June 26, 2015

R´ha (Short Animated Movie)

The artwork in R'ha is stunning.

R´ha [short movie] from Kaleb Lechowski on Vimeo.

R'ha is a great animated short which is technically excellent and also has a quite subtle narrative for a six-minute animation. The visuals and concept were the work of one man - Kaleb Lechowski - which just goes to show you what one man with vision and expertise can do these days. Guys like Lechowski are awesome talents and deserve to have their work seen.


"R'ha" essentially works as a sort of combination of "Star Wars," "The Terminator" with maybe a dash of "Babylon 5." Ok, that is just a name-dropping way of saying that this is a science fiction animated short populated by odd aliens composed with superior execution. If you want the plot boiled down to a 'moral of the story,' it would be something along the lines of 'it pays to be clever.'


I can't help myself, I have to be a bit of a critic and point out a couple of places that could stand improvement (I know, I know, how dare I - well, I dare). The sound is very difficult to understand, especially the first time through. You may have to watch this a couple of times to catch all the dialog, though after you do understand it all, the sound works quite well. The animation also suffers from "dark disease," meaning everything is way too dark as a crutch to make the animation more "realistic." I certainly can excuse these problems due to this being an independent, one-man production. Overall, this gets the big A+, with kudos to the creators.

Written, directed and animated by Kaleb Lechowski (C) Kaleb Lechowski.
Hartmut Zeller - Sound
Dave Masterson - Voice acting
Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment - Representation


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