Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Van Life" Amateur Animated Video

Van Life

Van Life from Parachute Parachute on Vimeo.

"Van Life." Here's a kind of eccentric animated video by amateurs that I stumbled across on Vimeo and am giving a little more exposure. I'm putting it here not because it has cutting edge animation or anything like that, but because it is very pretty animation and also concerns a subject near and dear to my own heart: VW Vans. You will probably only be interested in this if you, too, have a history with VW Vans.

The star of this animation is a VW Van aka the Bus, Vanagon, Transporter, Type-2, Westy, T3, etc. We just called ours "the bus," and our third one (!) looked a lot like the one in this video. For those who know these vans, you'll recognize this one as from the mid-70s. The earlier ones are the more iconic ones with more rounded features, but this is the type I personally spent the most time in.

The air-cooled engine in the back, captain's chairs up front, a dashboard that stretched to infinity and beyond, the floor clutch that prevented theft because only people who lived in these vans and drove them every day could figure out how to use them - it's all here in this very brief video.

This was done in very pretty fashion by stills watercolored by hand, which gives this animation a very unique look. It is about a sputtering Westy visiting San Rafael, California’s Valley Wagonworks for a much-needed overhaul. That's it, there's not too much to this video. The amount of work that must have gone into this video is intense, as each scene apparently had to be painted out by the animators.

"Van Life" Produced by Mik Gaspay, Directed by Gaspay and Chris McNally, animation by David Lauer and Kate Klingbeil, illustration by McNally, Editing and Sound Design by Ed Kolouch, Music by Dan Luehring and Mark Pistel.


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