Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Your Family Tree Explained" - Animation Short About Genealogy Does Just That

Genealogy family tree

"Your Family Tree Explained" - Animation Short About Genealogy Does Just That.

Genealogy is nobody's favorite subject in school. That is unless you're just dying to know how to characterize your mother's sister's cousin, Myrtle. I mean, genealogy is difficult enough to spell, much less to learn (I know, you're thinking "that Philistine!" Well, have at it).

Well, that's where the animation comes to the rescue!

This animation, "Your Family Tree Explained," explains it all for you. Wondering when to put the "great" in? Confused about whether lusting after your fourth cousin is against the laws of God and Man?

Well, this concise animation will help you with the former, though not the latter (try to avoid anyone with the word "cousin" in front of their name and you're good to go).

There actually are some very simple tricks that will help you to remember where you are in the family tree relative (ugh, sorry) to another person. Like how many "G's" there are in a person's title shows how many generations there are between the two of you. As an illustration: grandparent is one 'G' so there is one generation "in-between" the two of you (your parents). Great-Grandparents have two g's, so there are two generations between you (parents and grandparents). That's actually handy to know to keep things straight in your head.

No, this is definitely not the most exciting animation you ever will watch, and the soundtrack is a bit of a bore. But it may just help you to pass that genealogy test next Thursday!

From the youtube page:

Special thanks:
Shaun May
Gustavo Maronato
Ryan Hendry
Dawid van Zyl
Tom Bradley
Amit Shankar
Sander Groenendijk
Gabriela Cervantes Celhay
Wes Bandemer
Michael Head
Jordan Smith
Ben Smith
Andrew Escobar
Navarr Barnier


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