Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Dinotrux" Children's Show Coming

Kids love dinosaurs.

"Dinotrux." Yes, I know that's a big news flash to everyone including me, but it's true. It's one of the immutable laws of nature: the sky is blue, the grass is green, and kids love dinosaurs.

DreamWorks Animation is flexing its huge dinosaur muscles and creating this new mixture of dinosaurs and monster trucks for Netflix. Dinotrux is reportedly well along in production and will be ready to premiere on the subscription service in 2015.

"Dinotrux" is a book for children by Chris Gall (with sequels). According to the book description:
Millions of years ago, DINOTRUX ruled the earth. These mighty part-truck, part-dino demolition dynamos rumbled, plowed and bulldozed their way through the centuries. Chris Gall guides you on a safari through the wild world of these mechanical monsters of prehistoric times, from the nosy Craneosaurus and the mega-hungry Garbageadon to the big bully of the jungle, Tyrannosaurus Trux! Look out for a fold-out surprise at the end!
The book is set in a world where mechanical dino-trucks like Tyrannosaurus Trux, Scraptors and Tow-a-constrictors live.

According to DreamWorks TV chief Margie Cohn in a statement, Dinotrux is “a property that creates a new world with stunning visuals and fantastic action combined with great characters and comedy.” The theme of the show is a big creature making friends with a small one, “a theme that we think will resonate with kids,” Cohn said.

Well, that theme should resonate, since that's the theme in about half the children's shows that ever have hit the screen.

We have absolutely no doubt that Dinotrux will be the usual well-made animation from DreamWorks, that kids will enjoy it enough to sit in front of the screen and watch it (perhaps as they play with their dinosaur toys), and that it will run for several years. No doubts about that at all.


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