Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yoga for Larger Bodies

Yoga for Larger Bodies

"Yoga for Larger Bodies." This is a little different, but I thought some folks might find this of some interest. This goes into the "self-help" category.

Stacy Bias is a plus-sized yoga instructor. When you see a video of yoga, invariably it is some slim middle-aged woman who is doing all sorts of stretches. As Bias points out, though, yoga "has very little to do with the body":
"Yoga is about developing spiritually and emotionally and mentally as well as physically. So, there's the breath work, there's the concentration, there's the meditation,  there's the inner focus and inner awareness, there's the making friends with one's own body."
Yoga is a discipline, not an exercise. It is as much of the mind as of the body, and as such is appropriate for just about anyone, regardless of physical condition. As you get older, you begin to appreciate the inner peace that something like Yoga can bring, and find that staying fit is as much a result of inner focus as it is of outer exertions.

Yoga for Larger Bodies

According to the youtube page,
"The animation is a collaboration between its animator, activist and artist, Stacy Bias and its narrator, yoga instructor and proprietress of London's Light Yoga Space, Janice Kate Fisher. The animation is part of an ongoing series being created by Stacy Bias for the Fat Experience Project."
This video seems as though it was produced with a gentle spirit and should be useful to receptive viewers who may be interested in Yoga.


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