Wednesday, June 4, 2014

10-Second Animation Wins Aardman Competition

Against All Odds Matt Rogers

National Accident Helpline animation winner. NAH in England ran a competition in conjunction with its partners Aardman Animation. Participants were to create any kind of animation on the theme of "success against the odds."

Matt Rogers is a 2012 graduate from the BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation course at Anglia Ruskin Universit. He won a personal behind-the-scenes tour of Aardman's studio in Bristol for himself and a friend, including an animation workshop, artwork signed by co-founder Peter Lord, plus personalized feedback on his work from the Aardman team.

Quite a fine start to a career!

The competition, run by, set the challenge of creating a short animated film - in any format from CGI to stop-motion animation - on the theme of 'success against the odds'.

Aardman judged the numerous entries by considering creativity, technical competency and how well the animation fitted with the given theme.

Congratulations to Matt Rogers and all the other contestants!

Matt Rogers
From Matt Rogers:
The inspiration for my animation came from when I was watching my brother run the London marathon. Whilst watching, I saw wheelchair athletes rush past. This became the basis for my animation. I decided to set the animation in the build up for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.
I am most looking forward to the workshop and witnessing what goes on behind the scenes at Aardman. Hopefully it will inspire my own animations and better myself as an animator.


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