Sunday, June 22, 2014

Breaking Bad Spoof "Mr. White"

Mr White Breaking Bad

If you are a fan of "Breaking Bad" and still mourning its passing, here's a spoof, "Mr. White." This is from Jonny Lang (animation) and Jason Burke (narration, affecting a kind of wack Sean Connery impression).

No, this is not a continuation of "Breaking Bad." It's very druggy, so if that disturbs you, don't watch. Let's be honest, this is stoner humor.

This is the story of Mr. White, a drug dealer in Drugland who seeks the help of Jesse Pinkman, who can apparently fly. There are all sorts of references to "Breaking Bad" which you have to enjoy for yourself, there's no explaining them.

The "Breaking Bad" people don't seem upset about this at all, so it's all in good fun. "Breaking Bad" stems from Roger Hargreaves and Vince Gilligan.

This is a production of eagerbeaverfilms on youtube.


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