Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Iraqi War Animation

Iraq War

Iraqi War Animation.

This is a moving animation about a real-life military event.

Just to summarize, in August 2005, Marine Lance Cpl. Travis Williams and his 1st Squad of the 3rd Platoon went on a mission. They loaded up in a lorry and set off.

It was a rescue mission in Barwanah, Iraq. The vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb of unknown origin shortly after departing.

It was a 12-person squad. Only Williams survived because he was moved out of the vehicle at the last moment. Three other soldiers also died, making a total of 14 fatalities from the incident.

Travis narrates this animation of what it means to be at war, and to suffer casualties, and the difficulty of coming to terms with surviving while all the others were dead. He recorded this in 2013 and is still putting his life back together at home in Missoula, Montana.

Iraq War

This is a StoryCorps production. According to the youtube page, funding was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in partnership with POV.

It was directed by the Rauch Brothers, with art Direction by Bill Wray. The producers were Lizzie Jacobs, Maya Millett & Mike Rauch, with animation by Tim Rauch. The audio was produced by Yasmina Guerda & Nadia Reiman.

Music (Open): Fredrik
Label: The Kora Records
Publisher: House of Hassle

Music (Close): Christopher Bowen
Label: MovieScore Media
Publisher: Christopher Bowen


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