Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fictional Tea Ad

Dubsteep Tea
Dubsteep Tea!

Dubsteep Tea Logo Animation from adam webber on Vimeo.

Fictional tea ad. I'm all for giving quirky little animations a viewing - heck, where else are you going to see them?

This is from Adam Webber, a student at CSU Channel Islands, which probably sounds like it should be somewhere in Europe. Actually, it is in California not far from Malibu.

The animation is not long and not too much happens in it - but what does happen is kind of cool. Lots of detail in this quickie animation. You may like this in particular if, like me, you are a big tea lover.

Everybody has to start somewhere.

Congrats on a great school project!

From the web site:
Logo animation for fictional beverage Dubsteep Energizing Tea. Student project at CSU Channel Islands, created using Cinema 4D, Turbulence FD, and After Effects.
Animation, concept & design by: Adam Webber
Instructors: Luke Matjas & Beth Leister.
Music: "No Grip" - Feed Me


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