Monday, November 3, 2014

Sony to Take Online Animation Submissions

Sony Pictures Animation GO! Cartoons

Sony to Take Online Animation Submissions. In a move that is sure to have every semi-pro animator out there (and probably quite a full pros) salivating, Sony Pictures Animation is launching an incubator project in which it will accept animation projects for funding into full-scale projects.

Sony and Cartoon Hangover are launching GO! Cartoon. This will be a doorway for Sony to usher in up-and-coming talent and give them entrée into Sony’s animation operation. The incubator will pick a dozen creators from online submissions, with Sony financing a 5-minute short by each to appear, once a month, on the GO! Cartoon channel Cartoon Hangover. At least one will be turned into a limited series for the channel.

So, basically, there will be a crew of semi-finalists and finalists, and one big winner - and perhaps several big winners if the quality (and need by Sony) is there. Cartoon Hangover is a big deal on youtube, with 1.3 million subscribers, so getting animation on there would be a great way for a talented but unknown animator to get some exposure.

This type of project has worked before. For instance, Genndy Tartakovsky (if you're an animator you know who that is, if you're not, well, he is the guy behind hits like 'Powerpuff Girls') came up through such a program. He is still going strong with his 'Hotel Transylvania' franchise.

No solid data such as dates or how to submit or anything like that yet, this is still in the earliest 'idea' stage. But this is all straight from Sony Pictures Digital Production president Bob Osher, so it is for real and going to happen.


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