Saturday, November 8, 2014

Easter Egg in 'Big Hero 6'

"Big Hero 6."
There no doubt are a number of easter eggs in 'Big Hero 6.' For the uninitiated, 'easter egg' is our term for subtle inside jokes which Walt Disney Animation Studios places as inconspicuously as possible in its films to keep obsessive film geeks like me off the streets. In that sense, they do a real public service.

Big Hero 6
Some think one of the pictures on the left side of the pinboard is of Flynn from 'Tangled,' but I don't see the resemblance. What do you think?
So, if you have seen "Big Hero 6," you know that there is a scene in a police station. On the pinboard behind the rather sarcastic cop is a bunch of clippings that appear to be 'Wanted' posters. Of course, if you 'want' to put something in a Disney film, and 'want' it to be as unnoticeable as possible to the general audience, you put it on a pinboard (just as Pixar did in 'Up'). And just as naturally, if you are a film geek looking for hidden easter eggs and have way too much time on your hands, any pinboard in a Disney/Pixar film draws you in like Superman to Kryptonite.

Big Hero 6

So, if you have happened to notice all those stills from 'Big Hero 6' that I put on this page, you also noticed that, yes, there's something on that darn pin board that is of interest. Now, who could that be?

Big Hero 6
It's the Prince!
Yes, someone got out the magnifying glass and concluded that the figure on the right of the pinboard is our very own Prince Hans, the loveable rogue from 'Frozen'! What's especially cute about this is that, if you've seen the end of 'Frozen,' Prince Hans turns out to... well... He's put in... And he gets sent off to...

Well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But maybe Prince Hans is on the loose again! Could this be a ... a clue about 'Frozen 2'??????

We'll probably have to wait about ten years for Disney to complete the sequel to "Frozen" to find out.

Oh, and one last thing - you're probably thinking to yourself, 'I knew that.' Well, did you spot this easter egg?

Officer Gerson, anyone?
Speaking of Officer Gerson (that's his name on his badge), “Gerson” likely refers to one of two people: Either Daniel Gerson, who penned the flick, or Betty Lou Gerson, who voiced Cruella De Vil in Disney’s '101 Dalmatians' back in 1961. Since nobody remembers Cruella De Vil anymore, our money is on the screenwriter - but the short film "Feast" that accompanies 'Big Hero 6' is based on old Disney animated feature films about... dogs like those in '101 Dalmations.'



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