Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Thief" by BJ Crawford

Thief animatedfilmreviews.filmiinspector.com

"Thief" by BJ Crawford.

Thief from bj crawford on Vimeo.

"Thief." This is an old clip that I'm posting just because it is a really cool illustration of the importance of audio to make the difference between good and great animation video.

To the accompaniment of an 11-second audio clip, the animator BJ Crawford created this portrayal of a thief hard at work.

"Thief" was created for a competition on a site that runs monthly competitions for the best 11-second animation accompanying an old audio clip. Fans of Fred MacMurray will instantly recognize the voice, but it may take you a few seconds to realize that it is a quick clip from 1961's "The Absent-Minded Professor." What is Fred talking about? Better go see the film, but it starts with "F" as in Flubber. Charlie, of course, is his dog.

Sheesh, sorry, now I've given away the whole movie.

It was one of Walt Disney Productions' best live-action films.

Yes, yes, it's over fifty years later and we're still waiting for our flying cars. Oh, well.

Thief animatedfilmreviews.filmiinspector.com


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