Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Atomic Puppet" Finding Distributors

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Atomic Puppet.
Technicolor, SA is creating a new animated kids series called "Atomic Puppet" (52 episodes x 11 minutes apiece). The show features a fearless superhero who is transformed into a powerless puppet by his disgruntled sidekick. As part of the transformation, the hero’s powers are accidentally transferred to his biggest fan, one 12-year-old Joey Felt. The two then must work together to keep their home, Model City, safe.

The show is created by Mark Drop ("Johnny Test") and Jerry Leibowitz ("The Mouse and the Monster"). It is currently in production. The show is co-developed and produced with Canada’s Mercury Filmworks and France’s Gaumont Animation.

Technicolor has sold the show to France Televisions, which will air the show on its France 4 channel beginning in 2016. Atomic Puppet will premiere in Canada on TELETOON and in France on Disney XD, which will also bring the show to other global territories.


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