Sunday, April 13, 2014

Batman: Strange Days (2014)

The Caped Crusader is Back! Briefly

Batman: Strange Days
Batman on the attack

"Batman: Strange Days." Bruce W. Timm comes out with this entertaining new animated short, "Batman: Strange Days." He worked as a director and a writer on "Batman: The Animated Series," for goodness sakes, and you don't get higher animation quality on your tv screen than that.

This year, 2014, is Batman’s 75th anniversary (yes, it really is, there was Batman before Adam West!), so Timm produced this short even though he has moved on to all sorts of other projects. Obviously, this was a labor of love for him. It is in black and white, just like the originals, to hammer home that this is an homage.

This short originally appeared on "Teen Titans Go!" (where the teen titans went, I have no idea). This short has the Caped Crusader taking on Dr. Hugo Strange and his assistant, Solomon Grundy (apparently). You may be thinking, "Who is this strange guy, he's not the Joker," but Hugo Strange comes straight out of the classic DC Comics universe.

Batman: Strange Days

Kevin Conroy with the deep, booming voice again does the honors for the voice of Batman, just as in the animated series, which is a nice continuation of a now 20-year-old lineage.


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