Monday, April 14, 2014



Creature animation shot from Aniket Natekar on Vimeo.

This animation "Dinosaurs!" is a quickie from Aniket Natekar, who was working with Autodesk Maya in his class and came up with this.

There's no big story to this. No moral lesson, nothing really to learn. This is just a fun little clip that may amuse you and show you a little more of the possibilities of animation by ordinary folks such as yourself.

Everybody loves dinosaurs. In particular, we love it when dinosaurs go at it.

Here, we have a brief confrontation between two bad boys. Who will win this battle? Watch and find out.

As the author says:
I animated this shot as a creature animation assignment, under the guidance of my mentor Mark Pullyblank, from CG Spectrum. I only animated the shot. I used the following free rigs available on Creative Crash:
Nico rig by Chad
Dino rig by Harry Gladwin - Geoghegan

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