Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bambi vs. Godzilla (1969) - Striking Minimalism

Batman vs. Godzilla 1969

This is a retro animation from the late 1960s, an exercise in minimalism that shears away the artifice and gets right down to the meat and potatoes of what animation is all about. Yes, it is in black and white, yes, the animation is crude, yes, it is only a bit over two minutes long. However, this is an animation classic among those who grew up at a certain time and who are into subversive humor.

It was a college campus favorite and received airings on all sorts of tv programs throughout the '70s and '80s. For the amount of effort that went into this, and the attention it has received, it has to be acclaimed as one of the most successful animations of all time.

Anyway, no need to make too much of it. It may be an amusing two minutes of your life.

To the strains of the peaceful "William Tell Overture, Ranz de Vaches" (presumably, the music is not credited), We see our hero, Bambi contentedly munching away on some grass. All is at peace in the world, and Bambi has not to care or doubt or trouble.


Best seen at a late-night art-house before the main horror film while you are ragging on it with your buddies.

Written by: Marv Newland
Screenplay by Marv Newland
Choreography by Marv Newland
Bambi's wardrobe by Marv Newland
Produced by Marv Newland

Marv Newland produced by Mr. & Mrs. Newland


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