Friday, May 16, 2014

World Cup 2014 Promo from Aardman Animation

World Cup 2014

2014 FIFA WORLD CUP PROMO from Ben Simister on Vimeo.

World Cup 2014 Promo from Aardman Animation. You either are going to find this promo for World Cup 2014 in Brazil charming or intolerable. Aardman Animation did the Toy Story-like figures for ad agency Red Bee Media, and the results are about what you would expect from Aardman: brilliant stop-motion animation, cute dialog ("Hey, I might get to meet the real me!"), and a scene set to, what else, the theme of "The Great Escape." Aardman loves that theme.

The object is for these fine young toy gents in jolly old England, who are action figures of soccer, er, football stars, to somehow get to the 2014 World Cup being held in Brazil. "It's a long way on little legs," says the one, but this is a clever group. They will figure out the right way.

So, they find their way to the squad heading to the Cup and hitch a ride on Gary Lineker's luggage.

Now, if you don't know who Gary Lineker is, that's ok, but this may not be the video for you.

This is one of three 60 second launch films to launch the campaign, to be followed by two 20 second spots in the weeks leading up to the World Cup. Apparently, these four little guys will star in all of them.

They are made in Bristol, England by Aardman, which is one of the top animation outfits in the world today. The spots, directed by Danny Capozzi, combine computer-generated imagery and live-action.

James Parry, marketing manager for BBC Sport, released a statement:
“We're delighted with the World Cup campaign that Red Bee has produced in collaboration with Aardman. It feels like a different take on this unique of World Cups and it’s the one we've all been waiting for. We are hoping the British public take Chris, Sammy, Gary and Paulo into their hearts.”
If you enjoy this promo, you also might enjoy my page on Nike's "The Last Game," which is another, somewhat longer animation also featuring football legends promoting the 2014 World Cup.

World Cup 2014

From the promo's youtube page:
World Cup 2014 - BBC Sport Promo - Part 1
A Promo trailer for the BBCs World Cup 2014 coverage.
Hope you enjoy it!


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