Saturday, May 10, 2014

3D Animation of Military Hardware

3D Animation of Military Hardware

military hardware stalin organs
A Soviet fighter of the World War II-era.

3D animation of military hardware from Odessa Animation Studio on Vimeo.

This is a fun little animation, "3D Animation of Military Hardware," that has a no deeper meaning. It is simply a representation of military hardware, heavy on World War II but including later weapons such as helicopters, which should delight anyone who feels the need to let out a little aggression. The video looks at all sorts of interesting weapons, including Luftwaffe fighters, naval vessels, and Stalin Organs - and, since you're interested in this, I know that you know what a Stalin Organ is.

It appropriately ends with a wolf turning into a guy who rides off into the sunset on a motorcycle. Why that it is appropriate I can't really explain, it just is. It's all rather poetic in a guns-blazing kind of way. The snazzy video game-like soundtrack keeps things rolling.

It is brought to you from Odessa Animation Studio, and the animation is strictly video game quality.

From their page:
3D Animation Studios Odessa office is demo features: «In heaven, on earth and in the sea ...»
We have carried out work on modeling, rigging, texturing, light settings, rendering, compositing, video editing.
Head of 3D - Yuri VASHCHENKO.
The official website of the Odessa Animation Studio:
military hardware stalin organs
Stalin Organs of World War II.
It would be cool to see a feature film with all these guys in it!


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