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"Bee Friendly" from Emma Caswell - Bee Friendly to Bees

Bee Friendly
Without bees, we'd be in big trouble.

Bee Friendly - A Short Animation By Emma Caswell from Emma Caswell on Vimeo.

"Bee Friendly" from Emma Caswell - Bee Friendly to Bees.

This is a charming animation intended for young children that explains the importance of bees in the world and how we must learn to help the bees.

I bet you didn't know that bees like red, blue and purple flowers!

I'm a sucker for these information little animations that are simply done but pack a powerful message. Plus, I admit it, I love Emma's veddy English accent. The background music is perfect, too, along with the watercolor animation. And I love this video even despite the fact that I'm allergic to bee stings, so there's my best endorsement.

Emma doesn't mention it in the video, but bees are also under all sorts of pressure in the US. Emma intends this video only for young schoolchildren, but it is so well done I think that many others might enjoy it.

"Help ... save the bees ... today," Emma says with perfect British enunciation. Really now, who can argue with that?

Bee Friendly
"This... is Bertie."
From the page:
“Bee Friendly” is a short animation aimed at children within their 1st year of secondary school, where they will be learning vital information about the environment in many of their studies. The aim of this animation is to inform them whilst they are at an age in which they are curious about our planet, and to encourage them to go home and plant some seeds in their garden, which will help save the bees.
Without bees, we would be without one third of all our food.
Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”
By simply planting pollen and nectar rich plants in your garden, it can help the bees flourish, by giving them a home.
This is an animation created for my Level 5 Illustration Degree focusing on moving image through convergence or divergence.
Help save the bees today!


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