Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Anya" about the Life of a Russian Orphan

Anya Brown Bag Films

"Anya" is a gentle four-minute animation about the life of a Russian orphan. With highly stylized children who look not unlike some popular dolls, "Anya" comes from Brown Bag Films, Ireland's premier animation shop. It is expertly crafted.

"Anya" is promoting "From Russia with Love," a Clontarf, Ireland-based charity that places abandoned and orphaned Russian children. If it looks a bit like an ad, that's because it derived from plans for one. However, "Anya" is more than just a spot and stands on its own as a work of art.

The writer and director is Damien O'Connor. He traveled to the Russian orphanage "From Russia with Love" to learn about the children and their lives. This is about helping the children, not making money. We're happy to get the word out a little bit here. Anyone is free to donate to support their good work, of course, as indicated at the end of the video.

We also show the behind the scenes process of making this particular video here. You might want to take a peek at that page if the video really grabs you.

The animation is special to the children at the orphanage. Perhaps you will enjoy it, too.

Dream big, little one.

From the youtube page:

ANYA - A heart-warming tale charting 20 years in the life of a Russian orphan.

If you are moved by the film please text HUG to 50300 and DONATE €4 to help To Russia With Love continue their work with abandoned and orphaned children. Thank You.

ANYA is produced by Brown Bag Films. 

Directed by Damien O'Connor 
Produced by Edel Byrne 
Music by Darren Hendley 
Vocals by Lisa Hannigan 
Narrated by Chulpan Khamatova

Title: ANYA
Duration: 5:30 min
Year of Production: 2014


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