Thursday, January 9, 2014

Roger Federer as King Arthur

A Court's A Court, No Matter How it's Taught

Where you're always the king of the court.
Roger Federer as King Arthur. Tennis star Federer was chosen to portray King Arthur from the oft-neglected Disney classic "The Sword in the Stone." With his blowing hair and youthful good looks, Federer makes a fine representation of the once and future king.

One must compliment whoever came up with this choice regardless of Roger's looks, considering the chance it gave photographer Annie Leibovitz to make that punny play on the word "court."

Federer, 26, is seen with his sword drawn posing on a rock as the gallant King Arthur in an image set against a background shot at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall.

The tennis player said: "I did feel strong on that rock. I'm higher than everybody. I got the sword. I got the armor. It felt very funny and good actually."

"The Sword in the Stone" was the last animated feature film from his studio that premiered before Walt Disney's death ("The Jungle Book" came out some months later). Walt surely would have been pleased with this shot.

Roger Federer and Annie Liebovitz
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