Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chit Chat Roulette - Parody of Looking for Love

David Lüpschen Chit Chat Roulette
Chit Chat Roulette.
Chit Chat Roulette - Parody of Looking for Love.

CHIT CHAT ROULETTE from David Luepschen on Vimeo.

This is a weird little parody of dating sites that uses stop motion to bedazzle. David Lüpschen proves that he knows how to move those blocks around! All that is a lot easier said than done, this wasn't just a question of moving stick figures around as is the case with most stop motion. No doubt this 2:35 animation took endless time to put together, and the care and craftsmanship shows.

David Lüpschen Chit Chat Roulette

This is a case of grabbing at that low-hanging fruit. Yes, folks on chat sites are lonely and laughable in their desperation. And you know what they say - kids say the darnedest things! In a phrase ... it's been done.

But the stop motion animation is super cool, and the voices are the best part - which probably wasn't the intention when they were spending endless hours moving those blocks and little clay figures around. The character design is splendid.

Be careful, this might make you want to try... chat roulette!

David Lüpschen Chit Chat Roulette

From the page:

Directed & animated – David Lüpschen
Script – Very Successful Business
Music & sound design – Marian Mentrup
Voice-over recording – Studio Yes
FlumpWOOD – Janina Sitzmann
BLAZEofglory – Janina Sitzmann
GeoffreyAdams – David Luepschen
DEAN123 – David Luepschen
8-pack – Janina Sitzmann
Voice Talents:
FlumpWOOD – Theodora Van Der Beek
LadyJane285 – Theodora Van Der Beek
BLAZEofglory – Sam Ojari
GeoffreyAdams – Adam Morley
DEAN123 – Adam Morley
8-pack – Sam Ojari
JellyBINGObabez – Theodora Van Der Beek & Dulcimer Cowling


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