Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taiwanese Animators Take on Germany's Demolition of Brazil

Brazil Germany semifinal 2014 World Cup

Taiwanese Animators are quick on the draw as always. Here, they take on the demolition of Brazil by Germany in the 2014 World Cup semifinal.

It already has been called the most devastating loss in World Cup history - and that history goes back a long, long way. This loss made the 1960 World Series defeat of the NY Yankees by the Pirates look like it was completely normal and expected.

Brazil had not lost a competitive home game since - get this - 1975. They were burning flags in the street by halftime.

This isn't one of Taiwanese Animators best efforts, but it is hard to make this travesty of a game any more of a farce than it was in reality. The game was over within half an hour, that's unheard of at this level with that much at stake.

It only gets worse because Brazil's arch-enemy Argentina won its semifinal and made its way into the Final opposite Germany.

Brazil will remember this game like a nightmare for a long, long time.

Brazil Germany semifinal 2014 World Cup


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