Saturday, July 19, 2014

NBC Animation of Missile Strike on Malaysian Jet MH17

Malaysian airliner MH17

This is an official Dutch animated video of the 2014 Malaysian jet airline missile strike, including interviews from experts. It has some good animation of the flight and missile systems. It is a news summary of the catastrophe and provides a good background, including wreckage photos, on the basic facts in form of a news report.

The animation of the BUK missile launcher is interesting. This was not some wacko out on the range with a shoulder-fired grenade launcher. To get a missile that high requires highly sophisticated equipment.

This is a good example of the use of animation in news reports - they get these out quick, somebody in the animation department must always be present or on call and know what they are doing.

Malaysian airliner MH17
Malaysian plane shot down

Below is an animation showing other facts, such as the nationalities of the passengers and the plane's route.


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