Thursday, July 24, 2014

Learn How to Eat Properly in this Stylized Video

Healthcare James Gilleard

HEALTHCARE from James Gilleard on Vimeo.

James Gilleard is a freelance illustrator and animator based in London, United Kingdom. Not all top-notch animation comes from the big studios, and Gilleard churns them out and has many splendid animations on his site.

Animated video on how to eat properly. This is an example, titled simply "Healthcare." Gilleard and his Alere Productions Inc. did this for a healthcare company earlier this year, 2014. Note that the style is based on vintage cartoons, with a '50s/early '60s suburban flair. If you like that heavily stylized Mantovani/sushi/cocktail-with-olive sort of stylized representation of life back then that came and went around 1958 or so, this one's definitely for you. I'm sure they have a big car with tailfins parked in the lot out front.

But anyone can enjoy it, and maybe learn something from it, too. Take your leftovers home and eat them throughout the day, it's healthier for your metabolism.

We have some stills below for a quick review. It's only two minutes long, it's kind of amusing and has a good health care message, too.

Healthcare James Gilleard
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Healthcare James Gilleard

Healthcare James Gilleard

Healthcare James Gilleard


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