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Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story

Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story
Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story

All right, this is a little different, but it's actually quite interesting and enjoyable stop motion animation. Since one of the aims of this blog is to explore all the many different facets of modern animation, it's right up our alley here at Animated Film Reviews.

"Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story" is a stop motion opera. It is not in English - but really, what opera is? I think it's in Estonian - that's a language, right? There are subtitles in English so we can follow along.

This isn't the whole thing: it is a 4 minute 47 second trailer for a complete 72-minute 2013 3D stop-motion animated grand opera.

The story is that there is a star-crossed love affair between an anthropomorphized rich-girl lemon, Lisa Limone, and a poor refugee orange. Lisa Limone’s cruel father (a lemon with a comic-relief moustache) runs a slave-labor tomato plantation and ketchup factory. Maroc (orange boy) is the love interest, a boat refugee who likes to sing. Lisa likes to collect singing seashells at the seashore. They meet. They all in love. What did you expect in an opera?

This touches on topical issues such as the immigration of Africans into Europe. You can guess the political orientation from the description and the set-up, so factor that into whether you might like "Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story." Consider this the tangier version of the Immortal Bard's "Romeo and Juliet."

The animation really is quite good. Who knew that Estonia was an animation hotbed!

Starring are Iiris Vesik as Lisa Limone and Omar Nõmm as Maroc Orange. It is a production of Nukufilm. It is directed by Mait Laas.

No, I do not know where to get the whole thing. However, if you like the trailer, you might consider tracking down a copy.


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