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"Everyone is Lonely" from Fox Animation Domination

Eveyone is Lonely Fox Animation Domination
"Everyone is Lonely."
"Everyone is Lonely" from Fox Animation Domination.

"Everyone is Lonely" is a Fox Animation Domination High-Def with a very cute moral: be nice, because we're all in the same boat. It is written by Heather Anne Campbell, a comedy writer, with singer Liz Beebe of the band The Dustbowl Revival chipping in the singing chores. The animation is standard, simplistic television-style slow-mo scenes with large-headed characters set against pastels as a background. It works, and simplicity helps to get across the message.

It's a pleasant enough confection. In the old days, they used to just assume that people would learn to be polite as they grew up. Nowadays, it has to be specifically taught via backhanded efforts like this. That there is a need for animations giving specific advice on how to behave at a core level is a sad reflection on modern society. It's kind of like if you had to create animations that said: "Please use a hankie when you blow your nose" or "don't hit people" - the fact that it is considered enough of an issue to create an animation about it is a sign of much deeper issues. Though, I'm sure we'll see animations someday about "don't knock people out of the way to get to that sale" and "killing people for sport is wrong," with the lilting musical accompaniment and cute visuals that make is so charming. The packaging is all.

I suppose the only reason to be nice to people is that you pity them... but, whatever it takes is good enough.

Eveyone is Lonely Fox Animation Domination

From the youtube page:

Animation Domination High-Def is a block of cartoons that air every Saturday on FOX at 11PM/10c and all over the Internet all the time.

Liz Beebe

Writer: Heather Anne Campbell
Storyboard Director: Whitney Tang, Jay Hasrajani
Animation: Luz Batista, Whitney Tang, Wen Ling Qiu, Jay Hasrajani, Spencer Wan,  Kelly Kanemaru
Design: Nick Sazani, Wen Ling Qiu, Spencer Wan, Whitney Tang, Luz Batista, Polly Guo, Rachael Hunt, Jay Hasrajani, Sarah Sloyer
Editor: Nathaniel Atcheson

We’re all the same
No matter how we’ve grown
Colors of our skin
Defections in our bones

There's one we share
Everyone everywhere
We're all alone
We're all alone.

Everyone is fundamentally lonely
Whether you trust science or a church
Because we’re scared
Some of us make pairs
And some of us are still on the search

But everyone is fundamentally lonely
So here’s daily advice
You’re in pain
And everyone feels the same
So just be ..... nice.

What do you lose
When life’s already the worst
Leave a bigger tip
Let that guy in line first

We’re all lonely
Pay for their coffee
Pick up that trash
I know it’s not your trash.

Everyone is fundamentally lonely
Sometimes it comes out as rage
Screaming in a store
Cause they’re lonely at the core
So be calm when you engage

Everyone is fundamentally lonely
And I’m not saying to sacrifice
Lend some support
At the airport
It won’t kill you to be nice.

Everything is stupid
Success is a projection
We’re all quietly helpless
Being nice is a connection

Blaring your car horn
Won’t make you feel tremendous
But picking up something someone dropped
Will make this whole thing less horrendous

Everyone is fundamentally lonely
Even the ones who pretend they’re not
Be nice today
It’ll make things just slightly ok
On this lonely, little blue dot.



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