Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Evolution of Man" from Fox

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Fox Animation Domination.
"Evolution of Man" from Fox.

"Evolution of Man." Let's do some free association, history department, courtesy of Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD). This is a perfect history lesson if you watch too much television and draw random associations based on shapes and colors and "clever" word plays and that sort of thing. Somehow, everyone in these types of animations looks like they are a long-lost family member of the "Simpsons." However, it is fun and the animation undeniably is compelling in that free-hand impressionistic television animation sort of way.

Where else are you going to see an association between the Mona Lisa and the Apollo Moon missions? This sure isn't TED-Ed. Along with the very best of television animation, there is no discernible point, just mindless images that resonate with modern life for some reason. This is a true mirror of the soul of the modern age, and a truer indication of where the world is going than anything shown in the animation itself.

If this intrigues you, you can check out more such animation here.

From the youtube page:

Where did we come from? Where are we going?

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Writer: Eric Moneypenny (https://twitter.com/EricMoneypenny)
Storyboard Director: Wen Ling Qiu
Animation: Luz Batista, Nick Sazani, Sarah Sloyer, Spencer Wan, Wen Ling Qiu
Design: Nick Sazani, Wen Ling Qiu, Spencer Wan, Whitney Tang, Luz Batista, Polly Guo, Rachael Hunt, Spencer Wan
Editor: Nathaniel Atcheson



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