Sunday, February 23, 2014

Puss in Boots TV Spot Old Spice Spoof [HD] 2011

Hola Amigos. Now Look at Your Cat. Now Back to Me.

Puss in Boots Old Spice ad
Where are you? You are on an adventure! With a cat, your cat could act like.
Puss In Boots is our old amigo, and we can't get enough of him. We first met him in "Shrek 2," then "Shrek The Third," then "Shrek Forever After," then in his very own film "Puss In Boots" and its short follow-up "Puss In Boots: The Three Diablos."

Puss in Boots Old Spice ad
Look at your cat. Now, look at me. Now, look at your cat. Now, look at me.
Well, here he is again! And doing all the double-talk we know and love.

Puss in Boots Old Spice ad
What is in your paw? Holy Frijoles!
Yes, it's just a spot, but it's very amusing and completely in character for our caped feline. The promotion is low-key and this is more a celebration of this iconic character than anything else.

How can you not like this if you like the character? Extremely well done.



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