Monday, March 31, 2014

"Frozen" Early Sketches

Kristoff Sven Frozen
Kristoff feeds Sven

Here is an animations which shows early treatments of characters Anna and Kristoff from "Frozen." This is the key moment when they first meet, Kristoff stating his full name (which just so happens to be almost identical to my own hehehe).

There are two scenes. In the first, Kristoff, accompanied by trusty reindeer Sven, is looking to earn his reward for knowing the whearabouts of Anna's errant sister Elsa. The second scene involves Kristoff hacking his way up a mountain.

This may be of interest to folks who are interested in the gestation of animation. It doesn't just spring to life like you see it on the screen, that's for sure. It's also interesting to see how big an effect the background music - which you may not even notice, it's so appropriate - has on creating a visually entertaining experience out of very little.


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