Monday, June 9, 2014

Blur Studio Animation Reel

Blur Animation
Blur animation reel.

Animation/FX Reel from Blur Studio on Vimeo.

Blur Studio Reel. Blur Studio is one of the top makers of trailers for video games (they don't make the games themselves, just the trailers) such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Halo 4, Bioshock Infinite, and the Batman Arkham games. This five-minute animation reel splices together scenes from its trailers which is almost an overload of epic gamer heroes and warriors. It's not all just video games, either; they do some movie tie-ins and commercials. Their work is high quality wherever it appears.

The reel is a lot of fun to watch whether you game or not, though if you do game it has that added bonus of interest of seeing some of your favorite characters: Superman, Darth Vader, Gandalf, Batman, they're all here. And, if you're not a gamer, you've probably never seen the trailers before, so all this will be brand new. You win either way.

This is a blend of live-action and animation. It is just about the best pure animation - with no story to tell, just effects and scenes - that you will see. I can pretty much guarantee you that if you sit through this reel, something in it will blow your socks off.

Added bonus points if you actually are a nerd enough to recognize all the products being touted. If you do, you're awesome - and sad.

Blur Studio animation


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