Friday, June 6, 2014

Circles in the Sky - Poem Set to Animation

Circles in the Sky

Circles in the Sky - Poem Set to Animation.

Circles in the Sky from Motionpoems on Vimeo.

Well, what we have here is a beautiful poem set to animation. It really is quite lovely, and it's the first poem set to animation that I've seen recently - and I see a lot of animation.

This is by poet Bob Hicok and filmmaker Keri Moller. It is about vultures and lasts just over a minute. If you like it, it bears repeat viewings. It's up to you whether this is your thing or not. I find it quite lyrical.

I enjoy helping creative people.

Let's call this a Motionpoem.

The poem:

Circles in the Sky

Dead things here

get a fan club

of vultures. It’s cunning

to watch the sky admit

it wants to eat.

One vulture

tells another

tells another, theirs

is the largest wing-span

of sharing I have known.

What they’ll do

to my once dear

fence-leaping deer

is make it a dun sack

between road

and river engaging

in their voyages.

At least this hovering

of truly ugly birds

unless you look at them


reminds me to think

of someone I love

and prove it.

So if your phone rings

in a bit, it could be

sort of death calling

to ask, how’s it going,

as I sort of hope

you’ll be life answering,


Bob Hicok

Circles in the Sky


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