Monday, June 16, 2014

DreamWorksTV Opens for Business on Youtube

Puss in Boots
Ah-ha! DreamWorks has something new! And it is fabulous!

DreamWorks TV. DreamWorks Animation is not letting a little thing like a falling share price stop its juggernaut. Today, it opened its own vlog on youtube. They have a welcome video, which you can watch above.

They really, really, really want you to subscribe to their channel!

Puss in Boots
Please visit my new youtube channel!
Remember the days when you could only find cool new series from major studios on cable or Netflix! Not anymore - now there's new stuff on youtube from DreamWorks! They'll no doubt release their trailers and announcements on there, too, as they get going, so it will be a good place to visit now and then even if you don't care for the new shows.

Plans are for DreamWorks to tailor their new online content to kids, so if you are older, don't expect too much. There will be a lot of new stuff along the lines of what Nickelodeon has offered - in fact, there's a lot there already. Below are the first two episodes of two brand new series, each episode only a few minutes long.

Here's the first new one, "How to Set a World Record" from the effervescent JennxPenn:

Here's another completely new offering, a new show called Gorillaville, an animated comedy about three talking gorillas in a wildlife preserve:

You can see the new DreamWorksTV channel here and subscribe on that page if you love Shrek or Puss in Boots or the How to Train Your Dragon crew or the new series coming along.


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