Sunday, June 22, 2014

US Victory Over Ghana in the World Cup, Taiwanese Animators Style

US Ghana 2014 World Cup
Taiwanese animators take on the US triumph over Ghana

Animation of the US Victory Over Ghana in the World Cup.

First, a little background: the United States eeked out a victory over mighty Ghana, 2-1, in the first round of the 2014 World Cup. This was accomplished with a late goal by substitute John Brooks.

Seeing as how Ghana knocked the US out of the previous two World Cups, this victory was quite an achievement. Ghana is not considered a huge football powerhouse internationally, but you take whatever victories you can get. World Cup football is the most popular sporting event in the world, take it or leave it.

Well, Taiwanese Animators decided to provide their take on this "great victory" and came up with this animation. Now, it is chock-full of stereotypes and disses of the American football team and snide asides about US culture in general (the "Game of Thrones" reference is hilarious, as is the Foosball one), but that's just their type of satire. It is as likely to tick you off as entertain you if you are one of those perpetual "USA! USA!" booster types, so bear that in mind.

In other words, YOU MAY BE OFFENDED. Just trying to keep you from aggravating yourself unnecessarily.

Anyway, it is in this viewer's opinion quite funny and does reflect how the rest of the world really views the US in this realm, one of the very few where the USA actually and perpetually sucks.

Incidentally, the odds of the US advancing to the next round in the 2014 World Cup after its victory over Ghana and a subsequent tie against Portugal rest with a win over Germany or a tie against it - and Germany is a football powerhouse, though it is looking shaky this year. If the US loses to Germany, then all sorts of tiebreakers kick in and nothing is assured.


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